Monday, December 5, 2011

Beginning of Story

Recently, the boys at Penny Arcade began running a comic series about Gabe's problems DM'ing Dungeons & Dragons. As of today, he has switched to Pathfinder as a solution to his problems.  Normally, this shouldn't be the kind of thing that prompts a guy to start a weblog about Dungeons & Dragons (and gaming in general) but it's sort of relevant since the original Penny Arcade D&D podcast was the thing that got be back in to playing paper and pencil role-playing games.  Specifically, Dungeons & Dragons.

So, today I start a weblog about gaming.  Specifically, I ope to address some of the things I do as a player, as a DM, and as a gamer in general.  I play a great deal of board games, card games, and role-playing games so I think I have some perspective.  Sometimes, I merely want to show off something cool I did recently while in other cases I hope to address gaming problems I may have discovered.

Hopefully, this weblog will be a positive experience for both type writer and all the readers that take to following it.  This is something I hope everybody can take away something positive from.

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