Thursday, March 22, 2012

D&D: The Force Unleashed

As my process of making novelty characters got better, I started taking more obvious character class mashups and making them into D&D characters.  One in particular had been sitting in the back of my head for years...

When I started in my first Eberron campaign, I was tasked with playing a defender.  Not one for classic classes, I tried to find something more interesting.  I found the Swordmage.  Or, as I discovered a few minutes after reading it, the Jedi Knight.  Years later, I would apply that thought process and create...

Vader's Apprentice, Unleashed!
It's all about the Force Lightning...
It's surprising how easy some of this stuff comes.  On the original version, I also gave him a magical item (the Farbond Spellblade) that let him throw his lightsaber 5/10.  However, with these versions, I wanted to keep them magic item free so the dispensing of magic items at D&D Encounters could be more relevant.

Combining the lightning Genasi with lightning based Swordmage powers yielded a significant amount of "Force Lightning" that works reasonably well with the character.  Although you may not quite get the 100% Sith Lord feel you're looking for, you do get some interesting play out of our friend Starkiller, enough to really influence the way you play with him.

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