Tuesday, May 22, 2012

D&D: The Clone Wars (Part 6)

Having made a few Jedi and a few Clone Troopers, I realized that I had been missing a few of the more iconic characters from the Star Wars universe.  Not wanting to leave anybody out, I started thinking about who else I could make and fit within the 4E mechanics.  Taking a tip from one of my players, I started thinking about the droids and how they would fit.

I had already decided that droids in this Star Wars universe would be best captured by using undead.  Necrotic damage would be some sort of toxic gas, something that would naturally not affect a droid.  Radiant damage would be something like an ion blaster, making undead vulnerability to it make sense.  From that, I realized that any droid character I would make would have to have those characteristics.  Luckily, this became easy to accomplish through the simple use of a feat.

I am C-3PO, human-cyborg relations.
I only put an attack on their for AoO purposes...
First to come from this crazy bit of thinking was the iconic Star Wars character C-3PO.  I used the model proposed by a good friend: the Ultimate Lazy Warlord.  C-3PO has no attack abilities (other than his basic melee attack, which I considered leaving off).  All of his abilities either direct allies to attack, heal allies, or otherwise provide support.  Let me restate that: C-3PO has no attack abilities.

It is an interesting thing building a Warlord who does not need Strength.  All of the Character Builder recommendations kind of go out the window when you decide to go down this route.  However, it ends up working surprisingly well.  C-3PO spends most of his turns flailing about, crying out for help or giving his allies support.  This is a character for a very particular kind of player, I imagine, but I like it because it is another one of these builds that goes directly against the character model provided.

One thing worth mentioning, though.  His daily power (Point Out Its Weakness) is a bit peculiar because it gives an ally the opportunity to make an attack.  Unfortunately, that player will have to determine what bonuses apply in figuring that out.  I suspect that using the bonuses for the appropriate at-will weapon attack (ranged or melee) is probably a reasonable way to figure it out.

Edit:  As a follow-up, I posted the backside of the character card without the attack power for those who want a more ... realistic C-3PO.

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