Tuesday, May 22, 2012

D&D: The Clone Wars (Part 6.5)

So, after thinking about it, I decided it would be appropriate to post the alternate version of C-3PO.  In this case, it is the "alternative" of leaving his melee basic attack off of the power list.  In this way, he technically has no attack power whatsoever.  Instead, all he has are directive powers, support powers, and utility powers.
Not a single attack power...
Some Dungeons & Dragons Fourth Edition purists may be upset by this but I will just consider this one of those times that I exercise designer discretion.  Of course, I am leaving the original up as well but I wanted to provide this for people who wanted something that felt very much like C-3PO (insomuch that C-3PO never attacks anybody).

Of course, this raises interesting questions about what to do with Jar Jar Binks...


  1. Your work on this is brilliant. Please, I'm begging you to make part 9 be R2-D2. C-3PO needs his little buddy!

  2. I have been working on R2-D2 for a while. He's surprisingly harder than I thought because he's got a little bit of everything. But, I'll put it up as soon as I get something that works well.

    I'm glad you like what I've done!