Friday, August 24, 2012

Falling from the Sky... (PWA 5)

Falling from the Sky... (PWA 5)
The story advances in mysterious ways...
We now return to the primary story of the Phantasy Warrior Advance arc. This strip is one of those "moving the story along" type of strips where there isn't necessarily anything clever or witty but it puts characters in a particular place.

I had previously mentioned that this strip, Phantasy Warrior Advance, was actually a spawn of both the original Phantasy Warrior strip I did back in 2007 and it's prospective sequel, Phantasy Warrior Advance, which I worked on and abandoned in 2008. When I started writing this comic story, I thought I would unite the original Phantasy Warrior with the ideas I had for the abandoned Phantasy Warrior Advance strip into some sort of new, fancy product that would be understandable. We'll see how that works out.

I thought it would be interesting to post snaps from the older comics to provide context. As this comic introduces a new character, I thought I would hint as to his background (from the original comic strip, perhaps) to provide some context.

Yeah. I made that joke.
This is actually the sixth comic from the original fifty part series, Phantasy Warrior. The main character is the blond haired fellow, conveniently named Andy. Some of this should become more relevant as the story progresses...

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