Friday, August 10, 2012

It Only Took Me Twelve Years... (PWA 4.2)

Phantasy Warrior Advance: It Only Took Me Twelve Years (PWA 4.2)
I'll finally stop beating the Rule 6 joke to death, now.

APR 6 (Rule 6) is a rarely exercised rule in the Washington State Admission to Practice Rules. Specifically, it's the rule where somebody can become a "law clerk" under a supervising attorney and, after completing a specified program, apply for admission to the state bar association. The Rule 6 clerk still has to take the bar exam, but they do not have to attend an ABA accredited law school. To that end, it's the equivalent of an apprenticeship program.

All that being said, it's extremely rare to see people do it. It's notorious for taking an extremely long time (10 years). Further, I have heard rumors that it does not have the best bar exam passage rate. When I started my own bar review class, there was a Rule 6 guy. The person running the bar review class was quite surprised to see a Rule 6. I took that as a bad sign for him...

I imagine in a fantasy world where adventurers are commonplace, there would likely be absurd certification programs, including a laborious apprentice program that very few people ever properly accomplish. This goes along with my ridiculous notion that being a professional hero (or adventurer) would have an overwrought schooling system and a perverse guild that one would have to join. So, I suppose I've applied my history of bureaucracy and nonsense to fantastic notions of adventure.

How appropriate, I guess.

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