Wednesday, April 11, 2012

D&D: The Clone Wars (Part 1)

A few weeks ago, I had this idea that it would be a great idea to create a coherent group of characters based on a single IP using Dungeons & Dragons mechanics.  Of course, being a fan of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, I began thinking about how I could make characters from that show into respectable D&D characters.  Some of them seemed obvious, but others felt like they needed more thought.  Many different ideas came to mind, but some of them seemed worth turning into character cards...
Anakin Skywalker, he who would become Darth Vader
"Impressive.  Most impressive."
Anakin was not the first character I assembled under my new "make the Clone Wars characters" paradigm.  In fact, the construction for this character came later, after I did far too much lightsaber combat research.  Having decided that Anakin was too young and inexperienced to really show a fair range of force combat powers, I felt that his efforts would best be demonstrated through lightsaber combat styles.  After some research and thought, this idea turned into "Fighter (Slayer)."
Some may notice the peculiarity of this character.  This is the first D&D character card I made that was most distinctively off-book.  Unlike your typical Slayer Fighter, Anakin is focused on Dexterity.  By taking Melee Training (Dexterity), Anakin's melee basic attack has shifted to Dexterity (rather than Strength).  As Slayers have a bonus to damage from Dexterity, this only seemed to make sense.

Those that look carefully will notice the strange abilities that Anakin Skywalker has.  Those that look carefully and compare with their D&D Compendium will realize that Anakin (as he appears here) has been created as a Gnoll Figher (Slayer).  It is a peculiar build, especially given that Slayer Fighters normally emphasize Strength.  However, given my recent discovery (regarding the Slayer Fighter and Dexterity), it seemed appropriate to try something different with this character card.

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