Monday, April 23, 2012

Dungeons & Dragons: Zero

I thought I would take a break from the grind of Star Wars characters to bring something a little bit ... different to the custom character bank.  My first D&D 4E campaign was a bit strange, but it rather quickly involved a Warforged character.  I love the Warforged as a concept because it captures so much in the "intelligent construct" that works in a lot of different ways.  For some reason, this got me thinking "robot."  From that thought, something crazy and ridiculous was born...

Zero, the Maverick Hunter
Hunting Reploids with Z-Sabre and Z-Buster
My original thought was to make something more along the lines of Megaman.  However, when I first conceived of this character, I was not nearly as fluent in D&D character design to be able to determine what would best fit Megaman.  However, the Essentials line had just come out and I quickly realized that the Hexblade shared something quite significant with Megaman X's fighting partner Zero.  In fact, the more I looked at it, the more it actually felt like a perfect match.

For those curious, Zero is a Warforged Star Pact Hexblade.  The D&D elitists will notice that Warforged is not stat-compliant with the Hexblade.  Zero does not get the Charisma bonus he would normally want for being a more effective Hexblade.  However, he gets an Intelligence bonus (which influences his abilities) and a Constitution bonus (which improves his hit points).  I figured it would be a good enough combination (if not the most effective).

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