Wednesday, April 18, 2012

D&D: The Clone Wars (Part 4)

One of the interesting things I learned from trying to make a full party of Star Wars D&D characters was the focus on how certain things could be paralleled.  Star Wars: The Clone Wars is full of two types of characters: one-handed sword fighters with magical powers (Jedi) and soldiers with ranged weapons (Clones).  So, any character built has to fit relatively neatly into one of those two bins.

The Jedi came more naturally, at first, because there were already character classes that naturally fit into the Jedi mold (swordmage, bladesinger, avenger, etc).  The Clones proved to be a bit more of a thought process as I had to find things that felt like a soldier with a blaster rifle.  Sometimes, though, things just fell together in a way I could not have predicted.

Hevy, the Trooper from "Rookies" and "Clone Cadets."
Hevy, putting his Z-6 Rotary Blaster Cannon to use.
So, there are a few peculiarities with this character that need explanation.  This character is built on the Ranger (Hunter) Essentials class, which I have found to be a very interesting class from the Essentials block.  The Hunter is a very effective ranged combat controller (at least from my experience).  He is listed as using a Z-6 Rotary Blaster Cannon, as well.  This choice was because ... well, at the time, that was the only image of a Clone Trooper I could find.  That also dictates why he is named Hevy, as it is a picture of Hevy from the first season episode "Rookies."

As I continued to develop the character, the Rotary Blaster Cannon felt more in line with the Hunter's area burst ability, so I stuck to it.  Future clone troopers (without the cannon) would use a different class to represent them, was the idea.

As it ends up, I also created an alternative version of this character that I may post at a later time.  Same essential bits with a few changes to mix it up (and provide a certain amount of "difference").

UPDATE (5/29/2012): I changed the quote on the front of the card.  I felt like the scene in "Clone Cadets" where Hevy gets his nickname was a much better scene to draw from for Hevy.

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