Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Legend of D&D: Skyward Sword

Unfortunately, one of the easiest classes to make re-skinned characters for has been Strikers.  Simply put, making characters that hit people is generally a pretty easy sell.  Making other roles tends to get a little bit trickier, especially when it gets to the Leader and Defender roles.

I was not terribly familiar with Primal character classes because I never played one and very few people in my D&D groups played one.  I had heard that some of the Primal classes were interesting and worth a look, so I did just that.  The one that caught my attention was the one I least expected ... the Warden.

Link, the Legendary Hero of Hyrule
Link has many powers to reposition his foes.
So, I had heard from a number of people that the Warden was interesting in that he had a funny mark-response power.  Specifically, he had two.  This gave him the ability to choose what he did in response.  Furthermore, he marked everybody around him, which was interesting.  As it ends up, the Warden is the class that taught me that only one Immediate Action could be used per round.  This was something of a downer, as Link became amazingly less ridiculous in battle.  However, it quickly made sense as the alternative was ever-so-slightly overpowered.

Other than that, most of the Warden powers were merely an opportunity to utilize all of the iconic Link tools that I could.  The Hookshot fit well into his pull powers, as did the Claw Shot.  The "transformation" power that Wardens get fit into the Majora's Mask "shape change" element; I just had to figure out which one he would best be represented by (in this case, the Goron).  Finally, naming the Mark powers after Navi and Midna seemed a good idea to tie him back to his source IP.

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