Friday, June 15, 2012

Because a Real Hero Applied Two Months Ago (PWA 1.2)

Phantasy Warrior Advance: Because a Real Hero Applied Two Months Ago

I actually applied for the LSAT pretty late in the process.  I never intended to go to law school until I found out that I had essentially zero chance to get into the Ph.D. program I had applied for.  As much as my old boss hated to hear it, law school was not my first choice on leaving the Navy.

That being said, I was surprised at all of the timing issues involved in applying for law school.  Certain tests had to be done by certain days.  Some test dates were too late.  Certain schools had application deadlines by certain dates, but many had "rolling" admissions.  Some had priority admissions by certain dates with other applications acceptable until ... whenever?  Of course, I managed to wade through most of the paperwork and bureaucracy, but at times it was frustrating since my whole law school adventure was very last minute.

I sometimes wonder what it would be like if games started being as draconian as the real world.  "I'm sorry, but you forgot to level up your character by the requisite deadline, so you will be unable to level up your character until the next leveling window."  Maybe there is something to be said about applying "real world stress" within the context of the game, but that just seems like negative fun.

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