Thursday, June 14, 2012

D&D: The Clone Wars (Part 1, revisited)

After working through a large number of Dungeons & Dragons characters, I started to rethink a few of my original creations.  Specifically, some of them seemed like they could be done differently or, in a few cases, done a little bit better.  Rather than just go back and replace the old character cards, I thought it would be perfectly acceptable to make a new card representing a different "version" of the iconic character.

The first character I chose for this was Anakin Skywalker.  The reason was not that I had a problem with the original Anakin card I made but that I found a different (arguably, better) character match for Anakin.  I had read a bit on the Berserker class, first presented in Heroes of the Feywild, and I thought it seemed especially appropriate for Anakin.  A defender who can loose her cool and go wild as a striker seemed like an interesting fit for the young Jedi Knight.

A slightly different Anakin Skywalker..
Capturing the Fury in an easy-to-read fashion was tough.
What was most interesting about this was the number of abilities that suspiciously overlapped.  The original character was a Fighter with a Power Strike.  Now, as a Half-Orc, he has almost the same ability.  Thus, to a certain extent, I was able to ground him to the original Anakin Skywalker character I made.To a certain extent, I feel like this Anakin is more like what I expect Anakin to feel like.  In the beginning of battle, he is calm and collected.  He aids his comrades and defends them from attack.  But, once bloodied, the calm and cool Anakin Skywalker goes into his own style of rage, striking his foes with the power of his anger and fury.  Thus, he succumbs just a bit to that Dark Side gnawing away at his soul.

The Berserker is an interesting class.  Starting out as a stalwart defender and then losing it to strike down your foes is an interesting way to work the mechanic.  Unfortunately, it is quite easy to forget things like the AC bonus from the Defender's Aura, which can make him less effective as a defender.  Hopefully, anybody that chooses to use Anakin will not suffer that problem.

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