Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Gambit of Truth (Part 2)

Once I make a character card for a Dungeons & Dragons character, it isn't especially difficult to continue to level it up over time.  That's why I tend to make these as my preferred character sheet.  It's easy to read, has everything I generally need, and looks good.  Furthermore, I can usually print it on one 8.5x11 sheet of paper (if I shrink the overall aspect a little bit).

One of the Dungeons & Dragons games I play in as a player is with a very peculiar yet surprisingly entertaining group of people.  They are great folks but we have the most absurd things happen on a routine basis.  When I had to miss a session, I posted my character on my weblog and sent a link to the DM so whoever filled in for me would have an "easy access" character to use.  The DM liked the format and started asking me to make character cards for other people that could not make it to a session.

My character is a strange one.  In a world dominated by women, where magic is generally forbidden except for those marked by the government, Quintus represents an anomaly.  He is a man and a free air mage.  He wields the power of lightning and storm independent of the rules of law.  As the game progressed, he has been both extremely smooth yet surprisingly naive, even dumb.  Complex situations tend to confused him and he tends to rely on the those that he trusts, the other five people he awoke with on that strange day, memories wiped clean.
Quintus the Air Mage, level 5!
A few new things added to the mix...
Having just reached level 5, this represents Quintus shortly after fighting off a terrible beast (a beholder) and watching one of his only friends, the rather impolite and often abrasive witch Asha, die from a blast of an eyestalk.  His mastery over the powers of storm have grown but the gnawing hole in his soul, his sense of self, has not changed.  Just as he started to decide who he really was, a wander in the company of these strange people he has come to call friend, one of them died horribly.

The strange magician of song, Scarlet, was able to tap some unusual power, ancient forces trapped in the ruins that they found.  When Scarlet returned, she had power unimaginable.  With it, she was able to not only tear the beholder asunder but also tap the very life essence of the world in an effort to bring Asha back.  It is not clear to Quintus what result this will have for him or his "friends."

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