Friday, June 29, 2012

Please Pay All Late Fees In Advance. (PWA 2.2)

Phantasy Warrior Advance: Please Pay All Late Fees In Advance
This goes back to my original application to take the LSAT, but it's true of just about everything nowadays.  I feel like the idea of the late fee to apply for something must have been conceived of one day by some guy.  Other people heard about it and thought, "Oh, crap!  That's a great idea!"  Pretty soon, everybody is doing it, often for things that do not even matter.

More frustrating than the late fee, though, is the ridiculous idea of itemized "fees."  I often see applications that have five or six itemized fees, singled out one by one as if somehow it made them more palatable when delivered in pieces.  The worst is when you see an "application fee" but then you see three or four more fees that sound like they should clearly be part of the application process but somehow warrant separate billing.  "Processing fee" is my favorite.  Did you intend to accept the application but not process it, hence the need for a separate processing fee?  It never made sense to me.

Unfortunately, it's pervasive.  Everybody seems to do this nowadays.  I guess there is no use fighting it.  Of course, if you are a young would-be hero, what do you do if you cannot afford to pay?  We will see...

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